Saturday, September 04, 2004


Absolutely HUGE news for geeks and dorks everywhere.

As you may have noticed, I've been on a blogging tear since I started this thing. Even if no one but the National Security Agency is reading this blog, writing here is like little crack pellets for the soul. It's also less likely to get odd stares than muttering to myself on the sidewalk, and over the internet nobody can see me in my tinfoil hat.

There's a line I keep thinking of, from the old anime series Robotech. Uber-cool transformable jet pilot Roy Fokker excuses his military service by saying "This Robotech thing just gets in your blood." Well, blogging is feeling a lot like that; it's the most fun I've had in minutes.

Anyways, here's the absolutely HUGE news for geeks and dorks anywhere: after nearly twenty years, there is another Robotech television series in the works! I can't get into the story on, but I saw this on Ain't It Cool News:

There is a new timeline section created that has "August, 2044: Operation is begun to locate the missing SDF-3 and Admiral Hunter." This gives hint that they're looking to go along something in the Sentinels timeline once more but likely in a new way as they're titling this new series Shadow Force. The only other text available at this moment is an vague setting paragraph: "With the unexpected conclusion to the war with the Invid, the people of Earth are finally liberated and an expedition prepares to search for Admiral Hunter's missing fleet. However, another mystery unfolds as a deadly new adversary threatens to test the limits of the Expeditionary Force's use of Shadow Technology."
This is great stuff, if it's true-- I can only assume it is if it's originally from the official Robotech site. It's also past due, given Robotech's resurgence in recent years on DVD and video games. Just a few years ago, Harmony Gold, the original producers of the American version of Robotech, tried and failed to put together an all-CGI sequel, called Robotech: 2084 or something similar. Anyways, it sounded terminally lame, with little relation to the original series storyline except in name only. And of course all Robotech fans remember the first attempt at a sequel with the ill-fated Sentinels series, which in hindsight its failure was probably for the best-- the scripts for the Sentinels involved some really lame stuff out of place in the Robotech universe, like psionics. (However, the paperback novel versions of the Sentinels were very cool, mostly because their authors strived to maintain some semblance of realism in tune with the previous cartoons. That is, if you can call 50-foot tall human-looking aliens "realistic." I certainly can).

I'll stop with my geekiness now, but for someone who ate, drank, and slept this stuff in my earlier years, this is manna. Seen today, the show's kinda dorky, mostly due to the painfully bad voice work. But for its time, the animation was cutting edge, unlike anything on American TV (in the mid-1980's, Japanese animation shown in America consisted of Speed Racer, Voltron, and Tranzor-Z. Robotech was Akira before Akira was Akira). And the storyline was more engaging than any cartoon ever before programmed towards "children"-- a multi-generational galactic space opera with dozens of characters, and death and destruction on a global scale (the last bit being the most impressive, given how the crappy cartoons of the day such as G.I. Joe and Transformers never killed anybody, let alone do anything like deploy a 30-episode story arc, as that would get in the way of selling toys).

I will stop now.

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