Saturday, September 04, 2004


AP Exclusive: Iran to Extract Own Uranium.

Garfield Ridge Exclusive: Who Cares.

Story here.

The AP report goes on to say that Iran expects to begin extracting the uranium within two years.

As you may already know, "two years" is roughly equivalent to "next month" when measured under the "Lying Members of the Axis of Evil" calendar.

Then again, why should we care. John Kerry has a plan to prevent the Iranian acquisition of nuclear materials. Do you know what that plan is?

[wait for it. . .]

[wait for it. . .]

Why, it's a plan to give Iran nuclear materials.

I guess that's one way to skip the middleman, passing the savings on to you, the readers.

Of course, Kerry's plan takes a page from the framework that successfully ended North Korea's nuclear program in 1994, when we gave North Korea nuclear reactors and materials in exchange for their ending their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Huh? North Korea has nuclear weapons? Sheeeit, man. . . get the fuck outta here!

Of course, Kerry says his plan is solid, because we'll ask that North Korea deliver its existing stockpile of nuclear materials to the United States.

I'm sure North Korea is planning a way to do just that:

Interesting. Sounds like Kerry has been taking lessons from Donald Rumsfeld, the super-genius who couldn't find WMD in Iraq even though he sent them there in the first place back in 1983.
Well, if that's the lesson Kerry's learned, then that's all the more reason to elect him then, right?

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