Thursday, September 09, 2004


Be Not Afraid, Andrew Sullivan.

This post is a blatant rip-off of Ace's now-infamous link-o-rama regarding whiny Andrew Sullivan quotes.

I'm doing this for two reasons.

#1, Ace is otherwise occupied this evening covering THE BIGGEST BLOGGING STORY OF 2004.

And B), I wanted to see if this worked with other deep insights into Sullivan's soul.

Today, Andrew posted the following email (excerpted below), from someone who lamented the dirty, dirty turn politics has taken (i.e., someone obviously unfamiliar with this):

I mean, does Bush's youth and mediocre service 30+ years ago diminish his capacity to lead a nation today? Are we defined for life by who we are at age 22? Especially, as in Bush's case, you admit you regret who you were then and have reformed. These are questions we as a nation need to grapple with and I fear, with the growth of the 527s, the answer will be that politics is only going to get dirtier and dirtier.More to the point: even if you volunteer for military service, you will still get even your medals denigrated later in life.
Andrew's comments in response, the bolding mine:

As I've said before: there is no zone of privacy left in public life; everything you have ever done in private or public will one day be exposed. The best recourse for sane people is to stay out of politics, never seek elected office, and at least live life as it should be lived: fearlessly.
Fearlessly, he says.

Good advice. Brave advice. Take life by the horns, dream the impossible dream. Carpe Diem, Sully.

So, does Andrew take his own advice? Hmmm. Let's find out, by looking at his 2004 Daily Dishes:

I FEAR the animosity and division that are already part of the cultural fabric (by no means all fomented by the president) could get worse in the coming years

It's another unpleasant tale of our divisive and emotional times. And I FEAR it will only get worse.

I FEAR the battle is already lost, since Bush has caved to the Santorum wing on almost every single domestic issue.

I FEAR he's right. Was there an alternative? Of course there was

[Kerry] sees why we cannot cut and run. What he doesn't see, I FEAR, is the scope of the enemy represented in Iraq and looming in neighboring countries.

Who on earth are they going to pay to "fact-check" MoDo? I FEAR it's impossible.

I FEAR, however, that Big Food is soon going to be getting the same treatment as other perfectly legitimate industries, such as Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol.

The struggle abroad desperately requires reform and sacrifice at home. I just hope this president (and future ones) understand this. I FEAR he doesn't.

Here's what I FEAR Bush might accomplish: a huge jump in the role and size of government, and a spiraling debt.

LOOKING BACKWARD: That's looking like the Bush campaign's strategy this year. I FEARED as much.

. . .And saving the best for last:

A KERRY BACKLASH? I FEAR it's far too late to stop the Massachusetts bore from winning the nomination,

C'mon, Andy. . . buck up little camper. I'll even leave the night light on for ya, while you read scripts to your favorite televison shows.

Besides, what do you have to fear, Andrew? You can take anything. You're super-absorbent.

Sullivan's allowed to use the word "fear," probably.

What's MAGNIFICENT is the idea that you should tarry home and not go into the uncomfortable world of politics all for the purpose of your great FEARLESSNESS.

This is Sullivan attempting to transform into a precious moments figurine or a Hang in There Baby coffe mug at just the inappropriate moment.

Some day he gets his wish, I hope.
Hey, I'm not bashing Andrew because I hate him; I'm bashing Andrew because I love him. Not in *that* way, of course-- not that there's anything wrong with that.

No, I just think Andrew gets too overheated about this stuff. When he steps back and breathes a bit, he may realize that he's just been a bit too emotional about, well, everything.

He's an outstanding writer when he makes the effort, and I've learned a lot from reading his site over the years. I hope he can find a way to get back to what he used to be-- but first he has to stop obsessing about things that are not worth obsessing about, at least not while there's a war on.

My two cents.

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