Friday, September 17, 2004


Be Sure To Stop By Later Tonight!

Fellow readers, I've got a few things left on my plate for this afternoon, but I plan on posting this evening, so check back tonight-- and, as always, throughout the weekend.

Upcoming on Garfield Ridge tonight and this weekend:

-- My comments on this story: Democratic Sen. John Kerry on Friday accused the Bush administration of hiding a plan to mobilize more National Guard and reserve troops after the election while glossing over a worsening conflict in Iraq.
-- My comments on the leaked National Intelligence Estimate concerning Iraq.
-- Monkeys.
-- The next round of Brian's Reality Show Challenge (promised last weekend, I know-- but definitely this weekend)
-- A new movie review.
-- Coverage of the De La Hoya-Hopkins fight (pending a successful Pay-Per-View subscription)
-- A discussion of what this story means to Michael Jackson.

. . . and a few surprises.

So ya'll come back now, ya hear?

UPDATE: Oh, and c'mon now, there's a baseball series on tonight-- THE series.

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