Thursday, September 16, 2004


A Bit Quiet Today.

Busy, busy, busy day here at work. Powerpoints and point papers and all the things that make the Five-Sided Funco Land of Destruction go snap, crackle and pop.

I've also got plans to see a movie tonight-- a sneak preview for the new zombie romantic comedy (yes, you heard that right) Shaun of the Dead. I'll let everyone know what I thunk as soon as I can post. Until then, posting may be light, if by "light" I mean "no posting at all."

Oh, I would like to welcome my friend The Mighty Oliver to the blogging world. Seems that he's abandoned his Fremen name (that one's for you, Sobek) to go by the boring name "Brian," but I still recommend you check out his site The Mallet O' Understanding.

In the meantime, nothing else to see here, move along.

I tip my hat to the gentleman from Arlington. I am mere speck in your shadow (and no, that's not a size joke ... or is it?)
Speaking of movies...

Watched Man on Fire last night, Denzel flick. I love shit blowing up, and the C4 Suppository in this movie gives that phrase a whole new meaning.

:) Rent it!

I wasn't too big a fan of Man on Fire. I liked it, it started out cool and got better, but I felt it was just too long, and the ending took forever.


I guess the bottom line problem I had was that they lead you to suspect a main character is dead all the way until the end, and then they go "see, they're not dead after all!" For a while there I was impressed the movie had actually killed this person off, as you don't see that happen very often in movies.

Alas, you didn't see that here, either-- the film just had to have a "happy" ending for the audience to walk out on.


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