Monday, September 06, 2004


Breaking News: France Forged Niger-Uranium Docs to Embarass Bush and Protect Saddam

Breaking, based on a London Telegraph story. Go see Ace now for all your French perfidy related-news.

Is this true? Who knows.

Does it sound like this could be true? Are you flippin' kidding me? It's the French.

If this is true, if it's the real deal, it's a story we in the business call hot mustard jazz.

(Alright, I'm not in "the business," or any business at all really, and I have no idea what "hot mustard jazz" means, other than the title of a great jazz CD sitting on my shelf. But it just sounds right.)

Ceci montre juste que les Français sont intellectuellement supérieurs aux Américains et aux Anglais. Imbéciles - vous avez maintenant 1.000 morts en Irak. Vous récoltez ce que vous semez.
Pardon moi, Je ne parle pas francais.

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