Thursday, September 09, 2004


Bush Forgeries: "The Shot Heard Around the Blogosphere."

That's what Ace is calling all this.

I'm calling it "Ali-Liston."

This is the day for which Matt Drudge was born. But it's moved beyond him, to the little guys. This is as important as MonicaGate, in its own way.

Today, 9 September 2004, the hive mind of the blogosphere, where a thousand blogs bloom, has used its collective capacity for rapid fact-checking and bullshite-detection to expose a fraud by the old media. Many blogs, working together, all throughout the day to piece together the story until the truth comes out.

You know what's most delicious about all of this? The one man to most toot his own horn, the one man to always evangelize about the power of blogging, the man whose blog was the very first one I ever read, whose blog I read every day until he finally went off his rocker?

Andrew Sullivan is getting this all wrong.

100% completely wrong.

Sure, he's got a few new posts up, but this story is not his, and I'm sure he's just thinking "It doesn't matter anyways," as if this is about the election, or George W. Bush, or gay marriage or what not.

Yeah, of course it is. But it's also about a wall falling.

It's about a liberal fact-checker at 60 Minutes that says, "Oh, of course that's true" and passes it on to his reporters, stamped and certified. It's about reporters who believe anything that's put in front of them without asking themselves, "Does this pass the smell test?" This is about the death of critical thinking in the old media.

You read this?
CBS stood by its reporting. "As a standard practice at CBS, each of the documents broadcast on "60 Minutes" was thoroughly investigated by independent experts and we are convinced of their authenticity," CBS News said in a statement.

OF COURSE they stand by their reporting. They have nowhere else to go. If they can't get this right, it proves the convergence of the two great memes of the conservative blogosphere:

1. Bush hatred is irrational and will stop at nothing in its hatred of Bush.
2. The old media is liberal, and is willing to believe anything that is liberal.

Today, we witness the intersection of those memes.

All demonstrated by the hive mind. The promise of the internet, fulfilled.

And we were all here to watch, and drink beer, and eat popcorn.

Comments: is reporting as fact (big surprise). When the shit hits the fan, they'll just delete their "mistake" and act like nothing happened.
And whistle while they work, I'm sure.
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