Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Excuse me, I have a very important announcement: CANNONBALL!

From CNN: Police thwart 'Cannonball Run'
MADRID, Spain (Reuters) -- Spanish police temporarily seized luxury and sports cars driven by people they suspected of participating in an illegal road rally named after a 1981 film starring Burt Reynolds, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
Now, as any racing fan can tell you, Cannonball was a real race, and thus the inspiration for the BEST MOVIE OF 1981, and not the other way around.

Cannonball Run 2: classic, or war crime?

This story encouraged me to spin up the Wayback Machine to 2002 in order to dig up one of my favorite Car and Driver articles: a nice, big excerpt from the Brock Yates literary classic Cannonball! World's Greatest Outlaw Road Race (now in paperback!).

Just a taste of some of the true-life wacky antics during the last real Cannonball, last run in 1979:

Dennis "Mad Dog" Menesini found a shortcut to the interstate. He simply bashed through a rickety fence with his huge Chevy crew-cab dualie pickup—it had the extra ballast of 165 gallons of gas—and jumped onto the Connecticut Turnpike, sideways.

Darien would not soon forget Dennis. He's built like a forklift: short and wide with a big, bearded face. He announced his arrival at the local Howard Johnson's by slamming a grizzly paw on the check-in counter and bellowing, "Where's the goddamn hookers in this place?"

The clerk, visibly shaken, could only stutter, "We don't-don't-don't . . ."

Dennis glared at him with disbelief. "You mean all the money you charge is just for handing people keys?"

Go read it all here.
UPDATE: Garfield Ridge regular and all-around snotwad "Angus" whines that the picture above is actually from Cannonball Run II instead of the original Cannonball Run. Again, this I know, but after over fifteen minutes of googling for decent Cannonball Run photos, the above picture was simply the only one that captured the essence of the comic camaraderie between series stars Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise. Besides, it's not like I'm forging National Guard memos here.

You want a picture from the first Cannonball Run? Fine. Okay. Here ya go:

FYI, Angus is a dead ringer for Jack Elam. Now you know.

I preferred the Gumball Rally movie. I was only 8 years old, but I knew there was something cool about playing with a Hot Wheels car on a naked chick. The Cobra was the coolest car ever.

Dang, I couldn't get the link to work. Maybe that's why I'm a stalker on other people's blogs instead of actually using my own.

Yes I have one, no I don't update it.
Once again Dave, laziness is the devil of little minds...

The picture used here is, of course, from Cannonball Run II. I could have been getting pictures from the original tonight as well...


Gumball is a great movie, much better at addressing its subject matter than CR. But CR has Burt *Frickin'* Reynolds, man.


Ya know what, you can bite me. I searched Google tonight for a good fifteen minutes trying to find a decent picture from Cannonball Run I, and I came up zippo. I was stuck with using a Burt and Captain Cannonball from #II, or this one. Besides, I had a better joke for this one.
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