Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Garfield Ridge Anniversary Sale, One Hour Only!

It’s hard to believe that this blog’s only been up since last Wednesday, as I’ve already written more words here in a week than I wrote in 18 months of grad school.

Two or so years ago, my brother urged me to get a blog. He said it would be a more efficient way to share my pithy observations than via countless emails to my friends. To be honest, the volume of emails got so bad that I’m fairly certain that some eventually set me to autodelete.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but some people don’t want a complete set of Office Space sound files, or don’t find a Lego-representation of the Bible quite as fascinating as I do. Philistines.

I began this blog as an attempt to avoid these problems. To allow my friends to ignore me if they felt like it. And to channel my manic energy in a more productive direction. You know, like how Cobra does it.

One week in, and you know what my biggest headache is? How my friends feel about this blog.

Some friends love everything. Some friends don't care for it at all, and I'm okay with that. Some friends disagree with my politics. They do in the "real world," but at least there we usually talk about other things. I hope they see past the political commentary here in order to read the posts that have nothing to do with politics. Hell, I even write the political posts with humor in mind; I can laugh at Bush as much as I can Kerry. The war posts get grim, of course; but it’s a grim issue, and I feel I need to write about it if only to better understand it.

At the end of the day, however, I’m getting lots of “Why don’t you write more about monkeys? I'm not going to visit unless it's all about monkeys.” or “What do you mean, I have to visit more than once a week to see everything?” or "I never knew you were such a fascist baby killer" or "I don't like blogs."

I’m updating every day, folks. All day long, schedule and internet connection permitting. The hardest blogging man in showbusiness. This blog is not all about one thing-- it's scattered all over the map, just like my brain. This is hardcore mainlining of pure Dave straight into your veins, people.

Then again, I’m discovering that contrary to my first intentions, when I write, I’m not writing for my friends and family. I’m writing for myself, writing what *I* find funny and interesting, not what I think my circle of friends finds funny or interesting (although they often do; otherwise, they wouldn't be the absolute greatest friends in the world).

At the end of the day, this blog is about what I want to write about, what I find funny, what I find interesting, and what I find relevant in the world today. I'm not playing to an audience.

Treat it all like a buffet: you want a pickle, you take a pickle.

If you, the readers, agree, please continue to visit. Everyone and anyone who visits Garfield Ridge are welcome and encouraged to come along for the ride. I promise that you’ll get your money’s worth, and then some.


Before I leave, please permit me to take one last moment and dedicate this blog to the Great Cthulhu, destroyer of worlds. A big shout out from all us worshippers here on the surface.

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