Monday, September 06, 2004


Garfield Ridge: As Smart As A Two-Term President.

Damn, I should not be up right now. But I am, and the news never stops. That, and I keep trying to get Ace to link to me. Because I'm not only a fellow traveler, I'm also a creepy internet stalker.

Anyways, over on Ace's blog last night, I made the following comment (look it up, you doubting pirates):

"If I only had one piece of advice for Kerry, it would be to start drinking heavily."

Yeah, I said it, and I meant it. But my next comment was what's important now:

"If we got to a second piece of advice, it would be this: start looking forward. You *can* ignore reporter's questions about Vietnam and the past, but first you yourself must ignore Vietnam."

So, just before I shut off the ol' Bozoputer to dream of fairies and unicorns, I hit Drudge, just to make sure nothing is on fire, or there's nothing breaking about Mel Karmizan's stock options. His headline:


Now, I'm not a smart man. But then again, neither is Clinton. Oh, sure, he's a Rhodes Scholar and all; but so is my buddy Mike, and what the hell does he know, he can't even beat me in Halo.

But I will give Clinton mad props for his comebacks. The man was elected twice, as a Democrat, and beat an impeachment vote, even when he was friggin' guilty. That, and he still remained popular with a ridiculously large segment of the American population. As my Mom used to say, that man's got crazy game.

John Kerry, John Kerry, please, *please* ignore the popular two-term Democrat ex-President's advice. Talk about Vietnam day and night. Talk about Vietnam more than Oliver Stone. Talk about Vietnam more than Adrian Cronauer. Just do it; you know you want to.

MEGA-BONUS HUGE SUPER-DUPER "POOL HALL SCENE" UPDATE: Ace linked to my story. My wildest dreams have come true, I'm now a real boy!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Blue Fairy!!

Now go back to reading Ace-- he's still up. I'm retiring to bed, to dream happy elfin dreams.

Just wait until Halo 2 and we'll see. . . Anyway - first Ace of Spades and next the world. . .

All Clinton was doing was sensing the obvious. Granted, you are more connected to what is in the air. It took a stay in the hospital facing death for Clinton to get the wisdom of his orderlies telling him what John Kerry should do. Who am I kidding? He was actually getting advice from the Disorderlies. Where are the Fat Boys now?!?!?

True, true.

Where *are* the Fat Boys? Where are Marky, Buffy, and Kool when we need their wisdom most?
The Human Beat Box died of cardiac arrest in '95. Hopefully Bill C. won't be joining him yet.

Congratulations on the link.
Darn. I was hoping for "Disorderlies II: Electric Boogaloo."

Yup, a very strong ditto on the B.C.-- he's too much fun to have around, I'd lose half my political jokes if the man didn't recover.
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