Sunday, September 12, 2004


Good Morning!

Good morning everyone. Uh, okay, good afternoon. Hey, you all had me up past 5 am, I can be excused for sleeping in.

Boy, my traffic sure jumped overnight. As you can see by the post just below, Secretary Powell went on the news shows this morning and said that there were no signs that the North Korean explosion was not a nuclear test. I'm not a conspiracy wingnut, so I believe that's where we stand.

I hope that you, the readers, who stopped on by to read last night's posts decide to stay awhile. Read the postings on September 11th further on down my page. Read my archives-- I've only been up for a couple of weeks, there's plenty of good stuff in there.

And more good stuff to come here at Garfield Ridge, your one-stop shop for politics, militaria, random pop-culture humor, and of course, erroneous Axis of Evil atomic test alerts.

Before we move on, however, let us rest for a moment, and regain our focus.

Done? Good. Let's begin.

Monkeys = Ratings!$!$!$!$!$
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