Saturday, September 11, 2004


How Will We Remember What The Media Wants Us To Forget?

There are plenty of September 11th photo slideshows online. One I hadn't seen before is this one. (Hat tip: Jennifer at Demure Thoughts).

I have yet to turn on the TV this morning, but I wonder how many channels are actually showing footage of the burning towers today, let alone imagery of the planes crashing into the buildings. If they do show us these things today, it'll finally prove that the horror is now like some awful Christmas tree, to be trotted out only once a year lest "The Children" be reminded of this:

Then again, perhaps this is the way it should be. If we saw the pictures and video and heard the terrible sounds of "dumpsters crashing" every time we turned on the television, the imagery might lose their power to spark emotion, to propel action. In the future, once a year on beautiful September days, this anniversary will serve to snap us out of our summer lethargy, and remind us that we still have work to do.

And remind us all of our loss that day.
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