Saturday, September 04, 2004


I can't believe I forgot to link to Mark Steyn.

You already read this, however. No? Then, just a taste-- as always, the first hit of sugar is free:

That seems to be the way John Kerry likes it. Americans should be free to call Bush a moron, a liar, a fraud, a deserter, an agent of the House of Saud, a mass murderer, a mass rapist (according to the speaker at a National Organization for Women rally last week) and the new Hitler (according to just about everyone). But how dare anyone be so impertinent as to insult John Kerry! No one has the right to insult Kerry, except possibly Teresa, and only on the day she gives him his allowance.

Go on, read the rest. You know you want to.

BTW, I never get tired of people highlighting that Teresa, and ergo John Kerry, is a billionaire. That's spelled with a B. $1,000,000,000. At least. Don't think being a billionaire makes you out of touch with reality? Four words: Microsoft Windows millennium Edition. A working man would never unleash something that boneheaded on the proletariat.

When you say "allowance" you are talking about money right? Because that other possibility is something I don't want seared into my memory.
Good lord, why did you bring that up? (shudder)

Hey, for a billion dollars-- or easy access to a billion dollars, I'd do Teresa. In the backseat of a Volkswagen, even.

But *marry* her? Don't be ridiculous. . .

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