Thursday, September 09, 2004


Jesus Christ Action Figure, a.k.a. Dave's Bullet Train to Hell.

Full disclaimer: While I now serve the Eternal Cthulhu, like all decent Chicago kids I was born and raised Catholic. So, I understand guilt and blasphemy and all the rest.

That said, this video is quite funny (takes a moment to load, and has sound). Only visit if you intend to go to hell; or already, in fact, a resident.

Of course, we live in a society that tolerates, even encourages this stuff (this really, really funny stuff) against the Christian faith. You couldn't possibly poke fun at Islam without getting put on some cleric/ayatollah/ACLU lawyer's list of "America's Funniest Fatwas."

I find it a shame that I am not allowed to ridicule those of all faiths who believe in mythical men in the sky. Or people who worship 2,000 year old dead carpenters. Or Tom Cruise, who believes in Xenu.

So, until that glorious day when I'm allowed to paint a portrait of the Prophet Mohammed using nothing but elephant dung and cheese whiz, I guess we just have to settle for old-fashioned Christ blasphemy.

BTW, this is all Oliver's fault for sending me the link. So, curse him, not me.
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