Thursday, September 09, 2004


My First Complaint!

I won't count that guy who wrote a comment saying something nasty in French. First, he wrote it in French. Second, he's probably French.

No, I will claim that this comment is my the first official complaint lodged here at Garfield Ridge:


I read some of your blog, I won't claim to have read it all. . .

Honesty is always appreciated. However, the blog is only a week old, there aren't *that* many posts.

Huh? Shit. I've got almost 100 posts.

Wow, do I need to get a life, or what?

...and I'm fascinated as to why exactly you're not a fan of Kerry.

This isn't obvious? Where, exactly, in my blog did you stop reading? The title?

Although, I am glad I "fascinated" you. It's nice to be fascinating. I'm like a kaleidoscope, or redwood trees. All very fascinating.

Is it because you want your president to blow more stuff up,

Hmmm. Yes? Can I answer yes? Do I fill in C or D? Do I need to use a number 2 pencil?

...and kill more people for no reason?

Reason enough for me.

...Keep in mind there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

That's very possible, Saddam may have used them all on the Iranians and the Kurds and had none left over to kill anyone else. However, I'd read this. Or this.

and Afghanistan is pretty much in the hands of the taliban with the exception of very few cities.

Yeah, this is all propaganda, I know. I write a lot of it each day.

Let me know.

I just did. Thank you for writing in, please come again!

Well Done!
...Nice blog as well.
Thanks! Please come on back and visit, and share the link with your friends!

P.S. You don't have to sign up for Blogger to post comments-- you can just post as Anyonymous and then sign your name at the end of the comment, like this:

-- Dave

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