Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Not a lot out there today.

It's been a hoppin' day at work this morning, but in my spare time I got in some quality surfing time. Alas, not a lot seems to be going on out there today.

A few links you may find interesting:

-- A good piece in the WSJ Opinion Journal on Senator's Kerry's plans for dealing with North Korean and Iranian nuclear proliferation. If you want to read their "Featured Articles" on the first day they're posted, WSJ hides them behind "free" registration (jerks).

The gist of the editorial is captured in a quote from someone I once worked for, Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center: "The idea that there's a big bargain out there that the Iranians will live up to is nutty in light of the last six months."

-- AP reports that Teresa Heinz-Kerry is calling Bush inflexible, saying his actions "demonstrates he cannot and will not change. "

It seems like just this weekend the Democrats were trying to argue that Bush was a flip-flopper.

Does this latest change in Dem strategy qualify as another Kerry flip-flop, or not? My head hurts. . .

-- Ivan keeps barreling down in the Gulf of Mexico. Fellow traveler SobekPundit lives in New Orleans, so he might have something to worry about in the next few days. Here's wishing him all the luck.

-- I had Green Bay running back Ahman Green on my fantasy football team. He was money for me all last year. However, I decided to get rid of Ahman Green at the last minute because ESPN listed him as "probable," and I figured that must mean he's not 100%, so why run the risk?

Ahman Green scored three touchdowns last night against Carolina.

Seriously readers, I just don't understand why I keep coming back for this kind of punishment. I might as well give up already, and join a Fantasy Buzkashi League (hat tip: Oliver).

-- If any readers have suggestions for what subjects they'd like to see covered here at Garfield Ridge, or just general improvements, please feel free to offer them in the comments.

We're big on Total Quality Management and Six Sigma here, folks. ALWAYS IMPROVING.

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