Friday, September 10, 2004


Oh, alright: I'm picking on Andrew Sullivan, again.

It's like shooting bears in a barrel, folks. There outta be a limit.

Sullivan, who could barely be troubled yesterday into turning off Passions for one damned minute in order to cover THE BIGGEST BLOGGING STORY OF 2004 (TM, superscripted) is starting to wake up from his sleepy-time slumber.

As noted in many places, he gives a half-hearted cheer to the blogosphere. I swear, those Rebel soldiers in The Empire Strikes Back showed more enthusiasm after the first transport escaped from Hoth.

"The first memo is fake. Smashing. Yay. Go blogosphere."

Sully just doesn't seem happy anymore. Okay, he never seemed happy before, but on a day-to-day basis, he can't get seem to motivated about anything. Except complaining about Southern Republicans eager to cancel Queer Eye. We should pass a collection, get some Prozac for the man.

That said, Sullivan at least makes sure we know that he's fair-minded by considering all the arguments:

THE LEFT RESPONDS: My eyes are now glazing over at fonts and typewriters and all, but, for fairness' sake, I should link to these arguments saying that the Killian docs are legit. And to those of you claiming I bought these memos hook, line and sinker, please recall that in my very first post on them, I asked: "Are these forms forgeries?" and invited anyone to debunk them. That's not someone closed to argument.
That link would be to the always fair-minded arguments of one Markos Zuniga. You know, the man best remembered for his comments concerning the murder of four American contractors in Fallujah in April.

"I feel nothing. . . screw them."

But hey, when it comes to being against Bush, any ally in a foxhole, eh, Andrew?

Of course, Sullivan has to close with his trademark pleading that he's "not someone closed to argument."

Oh yeah? I seem to remember Sullivan being pretty closed to argument:

"That's why, despite my deep admiration for some of what this president has done to defeat terror, and my affection for him as a human being, I cannot support his candidacy."

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