Sunday, September 12, 2004


A Quiet September 11th.

I have yet to figure out how best to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary. I guess that going on with your life is probably as good a way as any. I basically spent my Saturday like most Saturdays.

I spent the morning reading the news, and writing posts for the weekend. Did some laundry and dishes, and sorted through the mass of junk mail threatening to swamp my dining room table.

By the late afternoon, I was getting hungry for something more substantial than cereal and snack food. My preferred choices were between grabbing a sub at Mario's (the absolute best cheese steaks south of Philly), or Peruvian rotisserie chicken. Both options lie in the same direction, so I hopped in my car and headed out, figuring I'd decide along the way which one to choose.

Now, I consider, a pleasant drive one of life's greatest pleasures. Windows down, radio up, shifting gears, and a smile on the face. And when traffic isn't too bad, Washington has some good roads to play on.

The weather today was gorgeous, just the perfect temperature. The sky was mostly cloudy, big puffy white clouds mixed with threatening dark ones. Neither beautiful nor ugly, but still interesting to look at. Kinda like actor Robert Davi's face.

Heading down Route 50 towards the city, I decided to delay dinner for a bit and enjoy a detour. I took a quick loop north up the George Washington Parkway; under the trees, over the Potomac, onto the Clara Barton Parkway, and down to my favorite stretch of asphalt, Macarthur Boulevard.

Now, the best stretch of Macarthur Boulevard is perhaps only a mile long, right after the exit off the Clara Barton. If you're lucky enough to avoid getting stuck behind slower traffic, that stretch is filled with tight corners and twisty turns that are tons of fun to take at speed.

Alas, today I had no such luck, as I inched behind a plodding minivan. Oh well.

Once you pass the DC water treatment plant, a much slower speed limit kicks in. When I first started driving that road, you could ignore the speed limits and simply enjoy the drive at the pace of traffic. As my wallet sadly discovered about a year ago, the DC police have started deploying speed cameras around town, taking out much of what little fun was left in driving in the District.

In passing the Georgetown reservoir, I disturbed a flock of small birds resting on the median to my left. About 20 flew up across the front of my car, and I hit at least three of them with an awful SMACK, including one right in the middle of my window.

Ugh. . . but I still couldn't help but laugh. That's why man rules the Earth, at least until the apes rise up.

The day will come. Will you be ready to fight the ape?

Got into Georgetown, took the Whitehurst Freeway exit-- I'm still convinced that they intentionally designed the Whitehurst to act like a chute in the game Chutes and Ladders. Crossed the Key Bridge back into Arlington, and went to grab dinner.

Came home, got sucked into the Band of Brothers marathon on the History Channel, and finally went upstairs to refight the Battle of Gettysburg for a while before I went to bed. Oh, and to write this story.

And thus ended a quiet day. A good day.

Oh-- Peruvian chicken, if you must know. Delicious.

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