Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Rathergate Posting; Or Why I'd Rather Not.

If you're looking for Rathergate updates at Garfield Ridge, you're looking in the wrong place.

Oh, it's not that I don't think this story is important; or that it has the potential to completely discredit CBS News for the next decade; or that it's likely to exile Dan Rather into the wastelands, hooded and strapped backwards atop a mule.

It's just that I don't find the story all that interesting to write about. Not when there are other resources out there that are much better than me at staying on top of events.

Like Little Green Footballs.

Like INDC Journal.

Like Instapundit.

Like Allahpundit.

And like Ace of Spades, where Ace has gone stark, raving mad with Ratherblogging, all the time.

If I discover a unique angle to this story, I will post about it. Until then, I'll just stand out of the way, and let the trailblazers blaze the trail.

Besides, while everyone else is posting about Dan Rather, I corner the market on the really important news: what steps *you*, the readers, can take to combat the ape threat.

I totally agree, everyone is doing a fine job covering the fall of the eye. I myself, attacked the congressional black caucus tonight and it felt good.

r kelly was at their fundraiser as entertainment

first they give michael "i love little boys" jackson an award

now R Kelly is their go to man for ticket sales??? 14 year old girl in homemade porn??? you have to be fucking kiddin' me.


ok...i am fine :)

Well, unlike Michael Jackson, at least R. Kelly is still actually "black."

It's a start, at least.
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