Monday, September 13, 2004


Rathergate Solved?

CBS News claims that the Bush Texas Air National Guard documents were possibly created on an IBM Selectric typewriter.

Other experts and much of the blogosphere claim that no, these documents were created using Microsoft Word.

Garfield Ridge has learned that both these positions are incorrect, and that, in fact, these documents were actually created via Underseebooten #505's Enigma coding machine.

Riddle solved? The Enigma Machine.

Neither CBS News nor LtCol Killian's family could be contacted for this report.

However, it is theoretically possible that the Texas Air National Guard could have had access to an Enigma machine in 1973. It is also theoretically possible that, after a variety of intensive modifications, the Nazi encoding machine theoretically could type a small-font superscripted "th", as well as theoretically center letterhead with computer-like precision.

Mystery solved? You be the judge.

(Hat tip: Paul, the poor soul married to my friend Shevonne)

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