Sunday, September 19, 2004


RINO Alert! RINO Alert!

So, I see this Reuters headline: Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq.

Hmmm. How hard do you think it was to guess which "Republicans" Reuters was referring to?

Not very:

"The fact is, we're in deep trouble in Iraq ... and I think we're going to have to look at some recalibration of policy," Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"We made serious mistakes," said Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has campaigned at Bush's side this year after patching up a bitter rivalry.
I don't remember Reuters issuing a similarly neutral headline after Senator Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention, no headline that read "Democrat Criticizes Kerry Incoherence on Iraq." Perhaps I just missed that angle of the story.

Chuck Hagel, and for the most part John McCain, are "Republicans In Name Only," a.k.a. RINOs. Hagel, especially, never skips a chance to say something bad about his own party's President. Yet, the MSM throws flowers at their feet, worshipping at the altar of "maverick independence."

Well, being independent is a great thing-- unless your independent of the truth.

Sometimes the Democrats are right, sometimes the Republicans are right, but rarely does the truth exist as a happy medium in the middle. Sure, it may be a blend of different elements, but always choosing that blend over sometimes actually taking a stand is a guaranteed path to ineffectiveness. Just see Senator Kerry's attempts to appeal to both the anti-war crowd and the pro-military veterans; it's not really possible, and his failure to choose a side hurts his electoral chances. Both sides may have their points, but it's impossible to argue that both sides are right.

They're mutually exclusive positions, like "waterproof sponge" or "Whoopi Goldberg comedy."

Anyways, I'm a Republican, and I've got just as many questions about our conduct of the war in Iraq as does Senator Hagel. Does that mean I can get invited onto Meet the Press? Or, does the fact that I have all these questions and concerns but still plan on voting for George W. Bush disqualify me from being a "leading member" of the Republican Party?


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