Sunday, September 12, 2004


Robert De Niro Defends His Mafia Roles.

As well he should. Dude, they kick serious ass.
De Niro's defense Friday came after the Order Sons of Italy in America, a fraternal organization of Americans of Italian heritage, wrote a letter to the Italian government, urging it to cancel its plan to award the actor honorary citizenship.
Story here.

However, I did find this paragraph laugh-out-loud funny:
"The characters that I played are real — they are real. So they have as much right to be portrayed as any other characters," De Niro said, during promotion Friday of the animated feature "Shark Tale."
Bobby, sweetheart: you're playing a fish-whacking mafioso shark. That talks. And stars opposite Will "Doesn't He Have Pancreatic Cancer Yet??" Smith.

This DeNiro character is about as unreal as they get, perhaps surpassed only by Sam "Ace" Rothstein in Casino.

Huh? Ace Rothstein was a real guy? Sheeit, get the fuck outta here! How could any real-life mobster worthy of the name take that shit from Sharon Stone without putting her head in a fucking vise? By the end of Casino *I* was ready to hit Sharon Stone over the head with a shovel and leave her in a lime-dusted pit. For real. In real life. Really.

Anyways, whatever. Wake me up when Bobby gets around to making Goodfella's 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold.

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