Sunday, September 19, 2004


Simply Disturbing.

I don't have a link, so you'll just have to trust me.

During football today, I saw the latest Pizza Hutt commercial. It features Miss Piggy offering Pizza Hutt's four-for-all pizza to the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore as they each bicker over which toppings to get on their pizza. Voila, problem solved by a Muppet.

Ignoring, for a moment, the relative improbability of massive stone sculptures arguing over their meal, the most horrifying aspect of this commercial is that Miss Piggy quite clearly offers them a pizza with pepperoni on it.


Sick, sick piggy.

Miss Piggy did this before, back during a Pizza Hutt commercial with Jessica Simpson that ran during the Super Bowl. Our porcine friend also joined her "longtime companion" Kermit in a Denny's commercial that highlighted a sausage skillet.


This ad-trocity is up there with the old "Let's All Go To The Lobby" commercial that they used to show before movies. You know, the one where the Popcorn-American happily walks to the concession stand in order to get more popcorn.

Let's All Go To The Madhouse. . .

First off, I don't get it. Why doesn't Mister Popcorn just reach up and grab some kernels from his exposed brainpan, ala Ray Liotta in Hannibal?

Second off, WHY GOD WHY?!?

I'm all in favor of a simple rule in advertising: no implied cannibalism. That is, unless, you are appealing to actual cannibals. In that case, I'm cool with it.

But this Pig-and-Pork deal is just plain oogie.

In NYC, on 9th Avenue around Mid-town, there's an old Italian butcher shop that specializes in sausages. The most disturbing thing is the sign above the door has a pig smiling pig in a chef's hat, smacking his salivating lips.

Disturbed me so much, I could never could bring myself to even step inside the door.
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