Monday, September 06, 2004


Six hundred graves.

CNN is reporting that six hundred graves are being dug for the victims of Beslan (hat tip: Rod Dreher in The Corner).

Six hundred graves.

Most of them small, the final resting place of children murdered by adherents of the The Religion of Peace.

"Nearly every family in the southern Russian town of Beslan was grieving Monday as the grim task of burying the dead continued."

Just down the street from me sits Thomas Jefferson Middle School. It seems about the same size as the school in Beslan, over 700 students, plus a couple hundred faculty and staff.

I shudder to contemplate what such an attack would do to Arlington, what it would do to America. You don't-- you can't-- get over something as horrific as this.

And do not doubt for a moment that there are killers in this world eager to repeat the massacre of Beslan in America, if only given the opportunity.

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