Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Spread the link-- I need your site visits to survive.

The man known only as "Angus"-- no relation either the steak, or the AC/DC member-- continues to question my patriotism here at Garfield Ridge.

You know, the "one who works with Dave," as if standing up during the Copperfield show and announcing you know the secret to his magic will make you popular with the audience.

He feels that I am about to begin an all-out flamewar in response to his "Me too!" attitude.

Uh, Angus: I own the blog. You can always get your own, they're free. Disrespecting me like Gold's Gym treats Oliver Willis will not get you your coveted "guest commentator" position any faster.

Angus continually suggests new topics for posting, such as "Kerry's using all the old Clinton advisers, they're going to sabotage his campaign to help Hillary" or sending me leftovers from The Belmont Club. I like The Belmont Club, but I'm not going to rip them off.

Especially not when I'm too busy ripping off Ace.

Now, I like Angus. He's a good man. A man you can depend upon in a foxhole, or fighting hand-to-hand atop a speeding train. But as a co-blogger, when I'm just beginning to find my swing? I don't think that's such a good idea.

Here's where it gets interesting. On the side, Angus runs his own business making playing aids for an out-of-print Star Trek board game. Yes, for the record, *I* am the unmarried one. I can't talk anymore about it as you'll just wither and die from his geekitude.

Anyways, here's the challenge: Angus' Star Trek website has roughly 7,000 visits in four years of operation. As a putdown, Angus told me that "When I get 7,000 visits I can come and talk to him."

I bet him that I would get 7,000 visits by Christmas.

Right now, since I installed it Sunday my Sitemeter shows I have 309 visits. From the start I set the meter to ignore my home and work IP addresses, so it only records visits by you, the readers.

There are 107 days until Christmas. I need 6691 visits by then to achieve my goal. That's 62 visits a day. I do not regard this is as especially difficult, but I will not be cocky. I understand the task before me.

The stakes are thus: if Angus wins, he gets to run Garfield Ridge for a week.

Every post, every picture, even the template; it's all his to control. Insult me on my own blog. Let's say the first week of 2005, Monday 3 January to Monday 10 January.

If I win, I want his eternal soul.

Okay, seriously? Since he's not here, we'll have to talk later about his stakes. But they will be high. Oh yes, they will be high.

In the meantime, the clock starts now. Visit the site each day, share the link. Angus Delenda Est.

Here's the deal: you need hits, and I need oblique references to Frank Herbert's "Dune." You keep me happy, I'll keep you happy.
You're on.

The sleeper has awakened.
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