Sunday, September 12, 2004


What will be the implications?

Too soon to tell, but they'll be huge. Again, start reading the story here if you need to catch up.

Obviously, the election just became both simultaneously less important and more important.

As entertaining as the Dan Rather story has been this weekend, nothing focuses the mind quite like a multi-kiloton nuclear weapon.

Both President Bush and Senator Kerry will need to talk about North Korea and their plans to resolve the situation, and start doing so in detail tomorrow.

I'm a purist: a nuke test is just a nuke test. Unless, that is, it's performed by a nation with a leader who believes he hits multiple holes in one every time he steps on a golf course.

We suspected North Korea had nuclear capability; now we know. That's a big psychological difference.

We also know that they care enough to test the weapon on an "important anniversary of the communist regime," a date that just so happens to also be SEPTEMBER 11th.

I don't think Kim was playing to the cheap seats here, folks. He knows his audience.

What is Kim trying to gain here? Attention, for one. Perhaps even leverage over the American election-- he knows that by getting our attention now, he'll have Kerry and Bush talking about him every day for the next two months. Kim may even think this is a great way to get concessions.

I also think that this is a great way to get introduced to the business end of a Minuteman III.

Make no mistake, readers. I know I am prone to hyperbole, but I truly believe this is potentially one of the most serious crises to ever face our nation. An avowed enemy of America is challenging us with the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. This enemy is reckless enough to say "To hell with the consequences" and up the ante in this way. They've pushed us before-- they may be reckless enough to push us even harder.

More in my next post.
UPDATE: As reported above, the blast occured on September 9th, not the 11th as I earlier assumed.

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