Sunday, September 19, 2004


When Do We Get To Call Them Murderers?

I'm just asking.

Story here.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Militants sawed off the heads of three hostages believed to be Iraqi Kurds in a grisly videotape that surfaced Sunday, hours after Iraq's prime minister said January elections would be held on schedule and asserted that American and Iraqi troops were winning the fight against an increasingly bold insurgency.
Seriously, at what point will either Associated Press or Reuters call these barbarians murderers? They're not killing soldiers, they're not killing anyone in actual battle. They are sawing off the heads of hostages. Sawing. Heads. Off. If that's not murder, than murder is a meaningless word.

Hey, the AP refers to the Laci Peterson murder trial. They even refer to a convicted murderer by the equally-as-accurate term "murderer." It's not like they're unfamiliar with the definition of the word. Except in Iraq, or Israel, or wherever an Islamic terrorist slaughters an innocent.
Then, they're "militants."

Perhaps they should be consistent, and refer to the Laci Peterson "militant" trial. Maybe that will force people to pay attention to their inexecusable doublespeak.

Make no mistake, this is slaughter. One only has to see their previous "greatest hits" to appreciate that these latest hostages were undoubtedly butchered in a horrific fashion. You don't "unsee" something like that, you don't "unhear" the screams.

But hey, we caused all this, right? Had we never invaded, none of this would have ever happened.

I'm sure you can use the same excuse for a surgeon, operating on a diseased heart. The damage and blood involved in cracking the chest open is inevitably more awful than the disease, in the short term. But you don't accuse the surgeon of creating the problem they're trying to cure.

Anyways, remember who we're fighting. Remember that they will continue doing this until they are dead, or until their friends, families, and societies cease to condone their murderous ways. That they would kill all of us reading this if they had the chance.

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