Sunday, September 12, 2004


Why,Yes. I *Am* Ready For Some Football.

Guess Joe Gibbs coming back was a good thing after all. Redskins won, beating Tampa Bay by a score of 16 to 10.

Catch all the latest NFL scores here.

Not a bad game by Washington. Solid rushing, including a beautiful 64-yard TD run by Clinton Portis on his first carry of the game. Nothing too flashy after that-- Skins had plenty of busted plays, including a fumbled snap that led to a Buccaneer touchdown.

Washington's defense, however, looked sweet. I think I'll be happy I chose their defense for my fantasy football team. The defense showed great promise from the very first preseason game, and they just went crazy today. That's good, given how the offense can't seem to fire all cylinders yet.

Then again-- with smashmouth rushing and blitzing on every other down, what's not to love?

Alas, as for my OTHER team, the Bears-- they lost to the Detroit Lions 20-16. The highlights/lowlights made it look like Chicago knew what it was doing for most of the game, but they gave up a ridiculously embarrassing 92-yard TD return off a blocked field goal. Ouch.

Anyways-- not a bad day of football, and it ain't over yet. Man, do I love this game. . .

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