Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Will someone please let Dave know he's wrong?

This post was originally entitled "Will Someone Please Let Drudge Know He's Wrong?" After some consideration, I think I may be wrong, and so I'll await further information from gun control experts. I should probably stop having opinions on things I know nothing about, but then this blog would only be about Xbox, clown porn, and Jimmie Dean sausage links.

Anyways-- since I believe in honesty with you, my readers, see below for the thread where I'm leaving it. Oh, and I will now automatically believe everything I read on Drudge.

Drudge's big story up right now concerns the picture I posted yesterday of Kerry holding a shotgun, a gun he received as a gift during a rally in West Virginia.

Drudge tries to make hay by alerting his readers that Senator Kerry cosponsored a bill that would ban the very gun he was holding. That is, it would ban all shotguns with "pistol grip."

Now, I'm no armorer, and I know enough about congressional legislation to understand the kind of loopholes you can drive a truck through. However, in this case I feel that Drudge is overreacting, and hard.

The gun Kerry is holding up clearly does *not* have a pistol grip, but instead a stock grip. A pistol grip looks like this:

And not like this:

I've never been a big fan of gun control, and I'm no fan of Kerry's, but as much fun as Drudge is having, I don't think there's a "gotcha" here. If anyone can show me otherwise, take a shot (no pun intended) and leave me a comment.
UPDATE: I sent an email to The Corner asking for clarification, which the stunning Kathryn Jean Lopez repeated verbatim: "the shotgun Kerry is holding does not have a pistol grip, but a stock grip, and is probably not subject to his proposed law, unless there's something else wrong with it."

Of course, did they cite me as the one who wrote in? Do pigs fly jets?

Anyways, they're looking into it. I'd go visit them for updates.

FURTHER UPDATE: My resident "gun nut" in the office (a veteran participant in amateur shooting competitions) informs me that Kerry's gun does indeed have a pistol grip as it's defined in the proposed legislation. Seems that the shotgun stock must be entirely smooth/straight in order to qualify as a stock grip. That little lip on the stock that holds Kerry's hand in place is apparently enough to classify the shotgun as having a pistol grip (even if it doesn't at all *look* like a pistol grip).

The Gun Nut goes on to say that the intent of the law was clearly to ban shotguns similar to the riot guns shown above, but because of poor wording, it will also ban shotguns with the "lip" grip. Again, I'm not a lawyer like Star Jones, so I'll wait until someone with more street cred than the Gun Nut gives me the skinny.

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