Sunday, September 12, 2004


Willful Ignorance Of The Obvious.

"Whole parts of Iraq are under the control of terrorists, and they never were."
-- John F. Kerry, in an interview in Time Magazine.

Hat tip to the outstanding COUNTERCOLUMN blog run by Jason Van Steenwyk.

Jason makes the same point I always make when I hear this argument: Saddam Hussein himself was a terrorist, and he controlled ALL of Iraq, for decades.

Courtesy of Mass Graves Info.

Your statements remind me of an observation once made about terrorists, and I have to wonder why it's so. It was said that when certain tactics are used against Americans it is called by them 'terrorism', but when such tactics are used by Americans it is called by them 'patriotism' or 'defending freedom & democracy'.
That's true. Also, when arsonists start forest fires, it's called arson; when firefighters start controlled backburns in order to stop further fires in the future, it's called prevention.

Your analogy fails to acknowledge that we are not murdering innocents, and when innocent bystanders die in war we regard it as an awful tragedy, and we try our best to prevent from occuring again. Terrorists, however, regard the death of innocents as a "good day at the office."

Oh, and finally: when you find the mass graves in America, please feel free to stop by again to chat.

Thanks for writing in.
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