Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Your Nation's Capital.

I live across the river; Washington is where Arlingtonians go on weekends. Thus, I had forgotten there was an election in D.C. yesterday.

Now I'm glad I forgot:
Disgruntled voters in the nation's capital ousted three veteran members of the D.C. Council yesterday, voting by overwhelming margins to replace the incumbents with two fresh new faces and a familiar old one -- former mayor Marion Barry.
More here at the WaPo site, behind an annoying "free" registration wall (jerkwads).

The bitch set him up.

The Anthony Williams years have been pretty good for D.C. Sure, the place is still a basketcase, but at least it's a quiet basketcase. Aside from a little dabbling in voter roll fraud a few years back, Williams appears to haves been a competent, if uninspiring, administrator.

While Washington hasn't experienced anything approaching New York City's rennaissance under Rudy, I don't get that old "third-world failed nation-state" feeling crossing the river anymore. There's no longer an unelected Control Board junta running the show, and District commerce has been helped by the region's ridiculous rise in property values.

So, that's progress.

And what do D.C voters do to cap it off?

Why, bring back Marion Barry, of course!


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