Sunday, October 31, 2004


Bill Clinton just spoke to me!

Wow, that's never happened before.

I used to work for the man, was a White House intern back in my salad days. Even with West Wing access, I only met Clinton once, and that was at the end of my tenure, when all the interns for that semester lined up for the group photo.

I remember shaking his hand, and saying how proud I was to work for him. He didn't say anything back to me, hence my joy at hearing his voice speaking directly to me, on Halloween night!

Of course, two qualifiers concerning this experience are necessary. First, when I said this, I knew I had never voted for him, either in 1992 or 1996. But, my feeling was "So what? He's the *President of the United States*, and I just spent eight months working in the flippin' White House, and how cool is that?!?"

Hey, there's still room for patriotic pride and duty in this country. I just wish more people on both sides of the aisle understood that.

Oh, and that second qualifier? None of us knew he was banging the help at the time. Had I known, it might have changed my decision to shake his hand. Or, really, touch any part of his body.

Anyways, just now, I got an automated phone call from Mr. Clinton, urging me to vote Democratic on Tuesday.

Two observations:
1. The DNC thinks *Virginia* is in play? It's close, but not THAT close. I know that densely-populated Northern Virginia is pretty Democratic (like North Korea is "pretty Stalinist"), but there's still enough redneck Republicans to the south and west of here to swing the state into Dubya's column. Either this is a bad sign for the GOP, or it reflects just how out of touch the DNC is that they're pouring good money after bad. Shouldn't they be calling people in Ohio tonight?

2. Clinton's telephone pitch mentioned health care, the economy, social security, and a whole host of issues.

Except he made no mention of that minor pesky thing. . . oh, you know. . . the war?

Gee, I know how hard it is to talk about the war. Especially for a man whose negligence did so much to ensure that we'd have to eventually fight said war. But the lack of a mention was conspicuous.

Oh, sure, there was one line about Democrats supporting homeland security. C'mon, give me a break. . . it's the same shit Senator Clinton likes to shovel, the pablum about paying for more firefighters and policeman.

Hey, I'm all for that, within reason, but the "cult of the first responder" is not a solution to our *national security* problems, not in the least.

I can only imagine if the Democrats applied this same philosophy to law enforcement. No, police don't need to pack heat and carry out search warrants. They should just wait until they get shot at by criminals. We'll make sure they get the very best medical care for their gunshot wounds. When criminals see the futility in attacking the police, they'll surrender, and calmly go to jail.


When is Tuesday again?
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I had the pleasure of meeting Bill in '92 when he visited my high school. How lucky we New Hampshirites are every 4 years to be noticed. Anyway, I got to shake his had as firm and yet so soft. Anyway, I asked him the following question: "Now that the cold war is in the rearview mirror who is the biggest threat to our national security?" He responded immediately "North Korea and the other rogue nations who may gain the ability to develop nuclear weapons." I think this is interesting in retrospect to think how much things have changed, and not over the past 12 years.
Well, Rick Schroeder AND Ahnold called us! If I hadn't already been decided, I would have been swayed toward the right by Rick...He's so dreeeeeeeeeeeamy!!! Shevonne
Rick Schroeder's a Republican?!?

Well, I guess it makes sense. He *was* born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth. . .

(Altogether now: groannnnnnnnn. . .)
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