Friday, October 29, 2004


Explosives moved?

Pentagon briefing underway, here's what Drudge says:
FLASH 10.29.04 11:36:56 ET /// Soldier to brief reporters at Pentagon within the hour that he was tasked with removing explosives from al QaQaa and he and his unit removed 200+ tons... Officer was ordered to join the 101st airborne on April 13 -- to destroy conventional explosives at the al QaQaa complex... Developing...

I was waiting for this. I mean, one way or the other, we should've found some troops that knew what was going on. Just because it takes a little while to sort everything out doesn't mean that people are lying. I wouldn't expect anyone in *any* White House to know about what, are in effect, tactical details from well over a year ago.

Of course, I also wouldn't expect the New York Times or 60 Minutes to do much else other than shoot first, ask questions later.

Nah, 60 Minutes/NYT/et al shoot first, and don't bother to ask any questions later... the facts are by then irrelevant and shouldn't be confused with the issue
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