Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Outstanding economic analysis concerning North Korea.

Hat tip to The Corner for linking to a piece in the Policy Review, "The Persistence of North Korea," written by AEI's Nick Eberstadt.

I've had the pleasure of hearing Eberstadt speak, as he guest lectured a few times in my grad school classes. While the man is obviously brilliant, he's one of those rare academics who is actually more hard to understand while speaking than while writing.

Oh, and he's a world-class dork.

Anyways, good article for anyone interested in North Korea, or politico-economics.

I especially have to praise his use of the World War One battle of Gallipoli as an example of " imminent, but averted" state collapse. Gallipoli was one of my academic focuses in both undergrad and grad school, and it's nice to see that Eberstadt reaches similar conclusions that I reached in my admittedly more amateur studies.

Go read it.

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