Sunday, October 31, 2004


Redskins lose. Will Bush?

You all know the theory by now: if the Redskins lose their last home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party also loses. If they win, the incumbent party wins.

Well, today, the Redskins blew their chances and lost to the Green Bay Packers.

Before I discuss the political implications, first, some dime store football analysis.

As in nearly every other game this seasons, the Redskins offense was anemic, almost criminally so. While a lot of discussion has centered around whether quarterback Mark Brunell is at fault, others have maintained that the entire offense is at fault, from running back Clinton Portis to the offensive line to the receiver corps.

While I normally would agree, the evidence on display during today's performance seems to heavily suggest that, no, there really is something wrong with Brunell. Mostly, he seems to always overthrow the ball, or audible short pass plays when they quite clearly need additional yards. Throwing a five-yard pass on 3rd and 13 is NOT a valuable contribution towards victory.

However, the offensive play calling overall-- done by Joe Gibbs, mind you-- appears flawed. Nothing proves this better than the fourth quarter of today's game. Through several key interceptions, the Redskins had at least two, even three opportunities to drive down the field to score with plenty of time on the clock (i.e., all on the plus side of the two-minute warning). Each time, the Skins failed to exercise a balanced offense, forsaking the run to rely on the pass. Now, the running game has suffered, but removing the threat of the run so early in the game made passing that much harder. It really didn't make much sense, especially once the Redskins were only down by 6 with about three minutes left in the game, and two time outs remaining.

That brings me to the political implications, which must have been affected by the strangest referee call I've seen this season.

The score was 20 to 14, Packers. Washington hasn't led all day. It was third down, long yardage, the Redskins barely in Packer territory but driving with 2:35 left in the game. Green Bay comes with the blitz, but Brunell manages to get a pass off, connecting with Clinton Portis. Amazingly, Portis runs right between two members of the Packer secondary, and runs into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown, capping a 43-yard play.

Washington's winning, right? Wrong.

Redskins receiver James Thrash drew a flag for an illegal motion penalty before the ball was snapped, and the play was called back. The drive came to nothing as Brunell threw an interception on the next play.

However, when looking at the replay of the overturned touchdown play, neither myself, my buddy Mike, nor the FOX Sports announcing team could understand where the penalty was. Thrash appeared to have done nothing wrong. The conclusion being that this was a touchdown play stolen by a referee.

A judge.

Hmmm. . . what does this say about Tuesday? Are we due to see a Kerry victory? Or, are we due to see a Bush "victory" overturned by the courts? The latter would certainly be sweet revenge for all the lefty moonbats who thought that the Supreme Court determined the 2000 election.

But I wonder-- if there is any supernatural power to this whole Redskins/incumbent thing, does it also stand to influence how the election is decided?

Personally, I don't believe in superstition. Unless we were talking the Red Sox and The Curse. But, The Curse is now gone after 86 years. Perhaps this is the year for the Redskins theory to go the way of the Bambino? Or, will it stand the test of time?

I dunno. We'll see Tuesday.

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I think the football gods are toying with Kerry in preparation for a loss on Tuesday. Why do you ask? Lambert field, that's why!

Demure Thoughts

The man would rather have a presidency than a Red Sox World Series. Look what happened.

The man clearly had a stake in becoming a Packers fan for the campaign-- not only is Wisconsin a "battleground" state, but the Packers had to win today in order to continue the election trend.

However, by dissing the Cheeseheads with his comments, perhaps Kerry also dissed the Gods behind the Redskins theory?

Here's hoping. . .
Not sure if they are anywhere else, but there are billboards in Greenbay and Milwaukee saying "Hey Senator Kerry, It's LamBEAU field!" He might as well have called it "Bert and Ernie Field". On a similar note, he was campaigning in Madison a couple weeks back. In his address to the largely liberal crowd of students, he talked about having a "Main Street Brat". Okay JACKASS! It's STATE STREET! It's one of the main attractions for the entire stinkin city! It's the equivalent of standing in the French Quarter and calling it the Siberian Quarter. Whatever. Big Phoney Jerk. Shevonne
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