Tuesday, November 02, 2004


CNBC is blaming the bloggers. . .

. . . for dropping the stock market today, given the mood swings in the Blogosphere.

Sheesh, we're only reacting to exit polls. Like the television media.

Shit. . . they just put up Wonkette. What an effin' tramp.

I don't care whether Ana Marie Cox is pleasant to look at-- I don't read blogs to look at women. Why, when there's an entire internet of porn out there?

Besides, the only Blogress worth all the tea in China is married, drats.

(Yes-- that is a transparent plea for attention from a fellow Ace of Spades groupie).

Oh, and we've got Glenn Reynolds. Good, they balance sleaze with quality.

Tell me, why am *I* not on CNBC? I just got a gazillion hits today. I look good draped in velvet, or even in swaddling clothes. I have a musky, Victor Mature-like scent. Like Dennis Miller, I too can refer to the House of Plantagenet when necessary to, ya know, just to "mix things up."

Hell, they're still showing John McEnroe on that network. . . sigh.

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