Tuesday, November 02, 2004


David Gergen saying stupid things.

Bill Schneider is saying that the CNN exit polls show something like 2/3rds of Kerry voters know someone who lost their job recently.

Gergen says that shows the economy is a bigger issue than we all thought, especially when compared to terrorism.

He then goes on to say that since the economy is a bigger issue, that's good news for Kerry.

Uh. . . was I asleep in logic class, or is Gergen using circular reasoning? Kerry voters say they voted for Kerry because of the economy, ergo the economy is a big issue, thus Kerry will do well.

Yes. . . but with voters who think the economy is a big issue. Other voters, those who worry more about Iraq, terrorism, the continuation of the Designated Hitter rule, SARS, and whether or not a small gnome is telling me right now to eat all the candy corn in my house-- those voters may NOT go for Kerry.

I don't get it.

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