Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Just great.

Kerry Campaign is complaining about the Ohio vote, repeating the mantra about "all the votes being counted."

Something tells me that we're going to learn an awful lot about provisional ballots in the next few days, a lot more than anyone wants to.

Four years ago, we had votes counted that didn't look like votes. In 2004, I'm afraid we're going to have votes counted that actually are not votes.

Sure, some of them will be votes. As I mentioned before, mistakes happen. Registrations get mixed up. Addresses get lost.

But I'll guarantee you that many of those provisional ballots will-- must-- be thrown out, regardless of which votes are on them, for Bush *or* Kerry.

I can also guarantee you that every single vote thrown out will be contested until those arguing are red in tooth and claw.

Even when they aren't votes.

And, if we get into a situation where we're making it up as we go, where we're ignoring the rules established before the election was held. . . well, let's just say that Judge Rehnquist might not want to spend the next few weeks in the hospital.

Anyways, the Ohio Secretary of State says it'll take eleven days to take care of this all. So, I guess the elections are now held, not to decide the president, but to decide which state's results will require a legal challenge.

Comforting, eh?

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