Tuesday, November 02, 2004


One last post to clear the mind before Tuesday hits its stride.

Old Comiskey Park, home of the Chicago White Sox until it was criminally demolished 1991.

Nice pictures can be found here.

I hope that they repair Wrigley Field rather than demolish it. We need some tradition somewhere. It surprised me that Three Rivers Stadium was torn down because it was (gasp) 30 years old. C'mon...
I was in old Comiskey twice back in the 70s. Funny, I don't remember the stands being that close to the field. It actually looks a lot like Wrigley. I just remember being amused at the thought of watching a ballgame with 40,000 drunks. I saw Bobby Bonds hit an upper-deck line drive homer, and also saw an apparently retarded guy banging a large drum. The latter almost started a fight. Harry Caray engaged in a beer chugging contest between games of a double-header, attempting to drain a bottle of Bud faster than guys with steins. He lost. The second time I sat behind a pole, one of the infamous "restricted view" seats. If anything, the neighborhood looks worse now than it did then, but that's just an impression from the Dan Ryan.
Comiskey was in terrible shape when I grew up (late 70's-early 90's). I remember the piss troughs in the bathrooms, the awful seats, the restricted views. I mean, full on, smack dab behind a post, no view whatsoever, no matter how far you leaned.

But. . . BUT. It was a place of beauty. The seats *were* that close to the field. The "nosebleeds" felt like they were ten feet off the ground. It was a deep stadium, a pitcher's paradise, but it still felt intimate.

Don't get me wrong, Wrigley is a piece of art, but I grew up a Sox fan, so I can only feel jealous now. The terrible park that replaced Comiskey has absolutely no soul. Sure, you can watch a game there, but you can't *feel* it. Old Comiskey literally *breathed* baseball history.
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