Tuesday, November 02, 2004


The Revolution Begins?

While we here in America occupy our time with our electoral machinations, our primate relatives are chosing this moment to strike. Via an alert from my friend The Mallet:

300 children bitten by 'blood sucking' monkeys at famous Indian temple

Monkeys lurking at an ancient Hindu temple in India's northeast have attacked up to 300 children over three weeks, temple officials said Tuesday.

"They hide in trees and swoop on unsuspecting children loitering about in the temple premises or walking by, clawing them and even sucking a bit of blood," Bani Kumar Sharma, a priest at the Kamakhya temple in Assam state, told The Associated Press. The temple, one of the most famous in India, is located in Gauhati, Assam's capital.

More monkey horror cited in the A.P. story here.

Readers, you know how seriously Garfield Ridge takes the ape threat.

In spite of our momentary distractions on days such as today, we must not allow ourselves to let our guard down for even one moment. For if we allow ourselves to grow complacent, to believe that there is no chance for monkeys to grow anywhere near as smart as Paul Begala, then we will shortchange the wily monkey.

And if we neglect the ape threat, one day soon, we may awake to discover the apes above our beds, blowtorches in hand.

Vote today, but ask yourselves: who will keep us safe not only from Al Qaeda, but also from the ape?

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