Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Tom Brokaw is making me weepy.

Wonderful, over on MSNBC he's going off on the "Ain't Democracy Grand" trope as he talks about this being the last election he'll cover.

How he talks about how we decide our elections without troops or tanks, but ballots. . . wow. Moving stuff.

Christ. . . get off of it. We've been lucky, Tom. But we keep having election seasons like this one, I don't know how long the line will hold. I can't imagine any situation bad enough to turn this country into Liberia, but I can certainly imagine increasing factionalism, particularly with all the stupid redistricting (on both sides) Congress keeps passing.

If we all live in the same districts, i.e., the same boats, then we have to find common ground. If we keep being lined up against each other as if the "other" is the enemy, than eventually, there stands a chance that it can become a self-fufilling prophecy, to our surprise, shock, and sorrow.

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