Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Well, that wasn't too hard.

Just got back from voting. No big deal-- line was longer than I've ever had to deal with, but significantly shorter than it was this morning.

Rather than being OUT the door of the polling place, the line this time was only TO the door.

Virginia switched to touch screens. Eh. The old machines-- touch *pads*, with a paper scroll offering a permanent trail of votes to the ballot counters-- were just find, IMHO. They were just as easy to use as the computers, but had the benefit of a paper trail.

I guess Virginia had to go all trendy, like the time my Dad bought the Quasar VCR with the remote on the mile long cord.

Or, when everybody started listening to Metallica once the Black album got released. Suddenly, it wasn't cool to like Metallica anymore (and justifiably so!).

Anyways, the elderly poll workers pooled together their mental resources to demonstrate the voting machine. Easy as pie, but I still don trust anything called "WINVote!" Sheesh, why don't they just call it "Powerlesspoint"?

I'm sure that at this very moment my electronic vote is disappearing into the ether, never to be recorded. . . or worse, to show up as voting the straight Green Party ticket.

Oh well, I did my part. Not that it matters, anyways. The odds that my vote-- or any one vote, for that matter-- decides the election are about as great as the atoms in the universe (I'd link to a Slate story on the subject, but their site seems to be down, suffering from the "Blogging Christmas" effect today).

Anyways. . . on to election night!

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