Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Why I am voting for George W. Bush today.

To any of my longtime readers-- let alone my friends-- it is no surprise that I am voting today for George W. Bush for president. That said, I would still like to explain, in as succinct terms as possible, why I am voting for him.

Before I begin, I would like everyone to know that, while my choice in this election was never really in doubt, that does not mean that I am reflexively voting for the man.

Yes, I consider myself conservative. And, nearly all the votes I've ever cast in my life have gone towards the Republican Party. Yet, I recognize that the Republican Party is far from perfect. I also would agree with anyone who made the case that George W. Bush is hardly a perfect conservative, at least in the traditional sense of the term. President Bush has done a number of things that I disagree with, even strongly in some cases. On nearly any given subject, I could probably find common ground with some of the President's harshest critics.

However, none of that matters enough to make me vote for Senator Kerry.

The mundane business of the Republic would survive John Kerry, just as it survived Richard Nixon, just as it survived Jimmy Carter, just as it even survived James Buchanan.

My vote, however, all comes down to one issue. In fact, it all comes down to one specific element of one issue.

I personally believe that our only chance to win the War on Terror, or the War on Radical Islam, or whatever name we give it, is to wipe away the tyrannies and despotisms of the greater Middle East (and elsewhere, like in North Korea), and replace them with liberal democracies. To transform nations, and a culture, so that they can learn to coexist with the West, and no longer breed the vile hatreds that will continue to confront us if we do nothing, if we treat it all as a nuisance.

George W. Bush has made this his goal. John Kerry has not.

Had there been a Democrat who shared Bush's philosophy of war but differed with President Bush on the more mundane issues of the day, I may very well have voted for them. Such a Democrat cannot prosper in today's party, however. At best, they are marginalized to insignificance, like in the case of a Joseph Lieberman, or Zell Miller. The Democratic Party of Harry Truman and Henry Jackson is now the Democratic Party of Michael Moore and Howard Dean. It is a party that is willfully naive, and terribly irresponsible, when it comes to the great issue of the day.

I make absolutely no presumptions that re-electing President Bush means that we won't suffer another attack on U.S. soil in the next four years. In fact, I don't think *either* candidate would matter much in the event. Neither Bush nor Kerry in office would automatically mean that the TSA inspector catches the boxcutter, or the intel community picks up the chatter, or the FBI finds the nuclear weapon on our soil.

No, I don't think that either candidate will be able to make us "safer" in the short run.

So, why vote for Bush in this instance? Because I'm looking towards the future of our country. Not four years from now, but forty years from now. Or, God willing, even four hundred.

If Bush is re-elected, the Bush Doctrine is validated, and the war continues to be fought against radical Islam on our terms, not those of our enemies. Four more years for Bush gives us four more years to demonstrate whether or not such a strategy is worth continuing, and quite possibly permits that strategy to achieve the bipartisan consensus it currently does not have.

But if Bush is defeated, the Bush Doctrine goes with him. The strategy abandoned, probably forever, before we allowed it to succeed. The concept of the "Axis of Evil" goes onto the ash heap, but the evil nations that comprise it do not follow. Winning the war in Iraq automatically becomes less important than *ending* the war in Iraq. The terrorists we face know they can bring America to its knees at, for them, a bargain price.

It's akin to voting out Harry Truman in 1948, and electing someone who doesn't think the Cold War must be fought. Imagine such a scenario, and how the world might look like today.

Whether it was right or wrong to go to war in Iraq, it is *today* a war worth winning. And any war worth winning is a war worth fighting. For the consequences of our failure in this war will reverberate for decades-- possibly even centuries-- to come. Our enemies have long memories, and one day soon, they may have the means to exact a terrible revenge. An act so horrific that we may forever cease to be the America we all so dearly love: Republicans, Democrats, and others.

However, such a possibility is in the future, and we may still be fortunate enough to avoid a terrible fate.

Yet, of more immediate consequence, our failure to fight this war will sacrifice the Iraqis we have freed to the butchery of our common enemies. We will give their heads so we may soundly sleep.

Do not think so? We've done it before.

30,000 Hmong soldiers from Laos died fighting alongside American soldiers. After the war, the communist puppet government in Laos imprisoned tens of thousands of Hmong. 150,000 Hmong fled Laos, most forever.

40,000 Vietnamese Montagnards fought alongside American soldiers. More than half the adult male population of the Montagnard peoples died during and after the war.

Over a million "boat people" fled Vietnam after the communists came to power. Thousands died in the escape, drowning, starving, or murdered by pirates.

Although more than 600,000 were eventually settled in the United States, hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese suffered for years in "reeducation camps." Countless thousands died.

The Khmer revolution exported by the North Vietnamese led to the murder of a million Cambodians. The survivors starved, with many reduced to cannibalism. The chaos of the "Killing Fields" became so great that the Vietnamese had to eliminate the Khmer Rouge, lest the madness spread back to Vietnam.

If on Tuesday we choose that the war we fight is the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, we condemn the people of Iraq to the same horrors-- or worse-- that we condemned the people of Southeast Asia.

(Most of the above pictures come from Operation Iraqi Children)

If we abandon the people of Iraq like we abandoned the Hmong, the Montagnard, the South Vietnamese, and the Cambodians, the stain on America's sacred honor will never be wiped clean.

America will have learned nothing.

I do not want this to come to pass. I want to win this war, in order to protect ourselves. In order to protect our allies. In order to set a people free. In order to be a country worthy of the sacrifice of over a thousand of the finest soldiers this nation has ever produced. In order to ensure that no one who has died-- American, British, Iraqi, or allied-- died in vain.

To continue the long difficult task of my generation. To do whatever is possible to ensure that we never again witness a day such as this:

I am voting to continue the hardship of war, so that we all may ultimately know the serenity and justice of peace.

That is why I am voting for George W. Bush today.

UPDATE: Welcome all National Review Online readers! Thanks for the link, Jonah! Please, feel free to stay awhile, look around, and come back and visit tonight while I continue my hardhitting coverage. While drinking. A lot.

P.S. Hopefully, we'll have a television moment tonight half as delicious as this classic from David Brinkley.
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I'll drink a bottle of cheap scotch tomorrow. Let's pray it's in celebration.
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Bush is a princess. A little girl. A cheerleader.
Kerry will protect America far better than Bush ever will.

And part of protecting America is protecting her reputation - no longer being the neighborhood asshole that nobody cares about anymore.

It's too bad that you don't see that now.

Hopefully Kerry will win, and then you can see what a real leader is made of.

It's going to be an interesting day.
Notice that this previous putz is labeled "Anonymous"..

Hiding from his miserable parody of him (or her)self, along with the Phony John Kerry...

Bush will win 53-47 or better...you silly bastard!

John L. Barlett
Palm Beach County, FL

Hi. Just to get this out of the way, I'm at the complete opposite side of the spectrum, and we probably disagree on a great many things. One thing we can agree on though is that the ME needs some mending - and a core feature of that mending would be democracy.

However, in my mind Bush has gotten this completely wrong. There were viable alternatives - especially in the days leading up to the Iraq war. Saddam was on the ropes. Bush said "let the inspectors back in". Saddam did. Bush said "Give us all information on your weapons programs". Saddam did. Saddam was giving into *every single one* of America's demands. The only one he balked at was to step down as the leader of his country. No leader in any country in the world would have done that.

Why didn't Bush leverage his power over Saddam at that time? The US was still frenetic over 9/11. Saddam knew that and knew that his regime would fall if he didn't appease the US. He only balked when the US demanded his regime fall anyway. The US could have made Saddam a puppet instead. We never got to find out how much Saddam was willing to give up to maintain control. He could have gone as far as to allow a permanent US base in exchange for lifting the sanctions.

Of course, Saddam would still be in power then. Justice would not have been done to this tyrant. But the power gained could have improved the lives of the Iraqi people by giving them a protector other than Saddams "police" force. The power could have gotten more oil for lower prices. We have to ask if the lives of over a thousand soldiers - and even more Iraqis - was worth pursuing justice for a single man.
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