Monday, December 13, 2004


66-Lb. Tumor Removed From Woman's Abdomen.

That's a spicy pepperoni (h/t Drudge, of course):
CINCINNATI -- Doctors in Ohio have removed a 66-pound tumor from a woman who said she now feels as if a long pregnancy is over.

Grace Radtke said she knew something was wrong, but had no idea it was a 66-pound tumor that was causing her pain.

"I couldn't believe it," Radtke said. "It just floored me."

Last week, Radtke underwent surgery to remove the giant ovarian cyst -- the size of three watermelons -- that was lodged under her ribs.
Let me take a moment and repeat my general disgust with the word "cyst," a word that sounds exactly like what it's describing.

Pictures of this particular tumor can be seen here. Go ahead, click it; you know you want to.

However, as gross as this story is, I've heard of worse. Would you like to see a picture of the worst tumor ever found? It weighed over 300 lbs, and even had hair, and teeth.

Just click here for more on that tumor.

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