Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Americans Weigh Down Cruise Ship.

From a Herald Sun story:

DOZENS of seats on the world's most luxurious cruise liner have collapsed under the weight of obese American passengers.The chairs -- on the Queen Mary 2 -- are being replaced or repaired.

The seating is mainly in the bar and restaurant areas.

Alstom Chantiers, the French company that provided the liner with all its fixtures and fittings, claimed many of the chairs had buckled under the weight of larger passengers.

"There are some things that need to be changed or replaced," said a spokesman. "For instance, there are some problems with the chairs because some of our passengers are heavier than we imagined.

"It's not an English problem, it's probably more American."
Well, eff you very much, you limey bastard.

You're just jealous because you swishy sherry-swillers don't have the Thickburger.

Hey, if you've got a problem accomodating your customers, fix the problem. And do it quietly.

If Shelley Winters busts a few chairs on the Poseidon, it just might have something to do with the all-you-can-eat Dungeness Crab and double-fudge sundae bar you have set up on the Lido Deck.

Don't blame me! I'm just big boned!

Anyone curious as to what the owner of G-Ridge looks like...

Give Shelly Winters a semi-crew cut and your there...exactly....

Anyone have an idea what G-Ridge reader Angus will soon look like?

Throw Shelly Winters into a woodchipper and you're there. . . exactly.

Your Blogmaster
Im not aware of any woodchipper that would accommodate Shelly Winters.

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