Thursday, December 02, 2004


And The Winner Is. . .

We have a winner in the Garfield Ridge "Win A Subscription To National Review" contest.

Before I announce it, let me just express my thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

All nine of you.

C'mon, readers: I know I've got more people visiting this site.


Odds like, say. . . one in nine.

I really can't make it any simpler without just giving things away.

Oh well. I guess my next contest will involve something more people will enjoy. Perhaps forty subscriptions to Vibe?

Anyways. Without further ado, the winner is:

Sobek, of SobekPundit.

My traffic as of 2:38 pm on Monday was 2,533 visits. Sobek guessed 1,879 visits, which meant he was within 654 visits, and ended up coming closest out of all entrants.

Geez, if I give him a prize, I might as well start a co-blog with the guy. We keep swapping posts so often, Sobek's beginning to wonder if there isn't some weird symbiotic relationship between Garfield Ridge and his blog.

I think he's on to something. Perhaps we're really the Tomax and Xamot of the Blogosphere.

FYI, I'm the one with the scar.

Again, congratulations Sobek. Enjoy the magazine!

In the meantime, please keep reading Garfield Ridge for the chance to win more fun and valuable prizes.

Oh, and spread the link!

UPDATE: Yes, I'm an idiot. I meant to say the site had 2,533 visits as of *5:42* pm-- the Instalanche started at 2:38 pm. The outcome is unchanged, Sobek still won.

You can demand a recount, but I won't give it to you, because I am both merciless and arbitrary in my ways.

Woot, as the kids say.

This Tomax and Xamot thing might explain why I frequently slur my speech and wake up with pounding headaches, even though I don't drink.
I would have entered, but I've already got one, you see. It's very nice. And I abuse myself with pictures of Buckley for inspiration. That's passionate conservatism, that is.
Tomax and Xamot vs. Snake Eyes in a fight to the finish. I like the possibilities.

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