Thursday, December 16, 2004


Damn, I Wish I Could Write About All This.

As you readers may be aware, I'm a very minor cog in the Nation's military-industrial complex. Kinda like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, except I'd never be caught dead wearing a tie with a short-sleeve shirt.

While I've always made it clear that my opinions on this site are purely that-- personal opinions-- I've sometimes had to restrain myself from offering too much information on some topics, or discussing others that I know lots about.

For instance, a lot of press in the last couple of weeks regarding this story, about Senator Rockefeller disclosing possibly classified details concerning a U.S. intelligence program.

I'd love to talk about that issue in detail. While I'm not cleared for the program he's talking about, I have enough experience to know a helluva lot more details about it than, say, John "I'm A Big Stooopid Poseur" Pike*.

Problem is, just making an informed guess on the topic could get me in trouble, because I'd probably be more right than 95% of the speculators on the internet.

For an even worse example of what I'm talking about, see this story linked to on Drudge today: Bush Prepares for Possible GPS Shutdown.

I know all the background on this issue, and how these stories mischaracterize the issue. I could easily offer up scads of detail about the revised policy that would make all of you readers wonderfully informed, and possibly get me plenty of nice hits from people with a professional interest in the subject.

Trouble is, I can't, my day job is to talk *officially* about this sort of thing to Congress and the press. My job is not to talk about it on this stupid blog.

So, anyways, I guess my point for writing this post is to just clarify again that I'm not writing anything that would qualify as "inside baseball" on Garfield Ridge. Everything that I know through work, I go find a link to the issue, just to be clear that there's a source for the topic other than me. I also refuse to speculate about anything related to something I know is classified. While Senators and Ambassadors never get in trouble for talking about classified information to the Washington Post, small fries like me go to Federal "pound me in the ass" prison for doing so.

Oh, and yeah: it's also wrong. Not just because it's illegal; it's actually wrong, a priori. Sadly, not a lot of people in government remember that when they go leaking.

I knew that was an occupational hazard with this blog. I'd want to offer a perspective from a Pentagon weenie way down the totem pole, but I knew there'd be limits to what I can and can't discuss.

Hey, at least I'm being upfront about it, and not pretending to know something I'll never tell you, like, say, Joshua Marshall.

*BTW, I love it that when you search for "John Pike defense idiot" on Google, a post of mine from Ace comes up. God, I so do love the internet.

Any chance of John Pike becoming your Oliver Willis, Dave? Your White Whale, so to speak?
Hmmm. . . I *do* need a nemesis, a semi-public fulcrum upon which my anger can rotate.

On paper, Pike is dynamite, as he's quoted in literally *everything*, TV and print, on Iraq stories to defense stories to nuke stories to space stories to missile defense stories. And he's usually dependable for saying something gob-smackingly clueless.

That said, most of the armor-piercing ammo I could use against him would run into the category of work-related information, so I'd probably have to pass.

However, if Pike comes out with a doozy that just can't be ignored, you can definitely count on me to be all over it like white on rice.
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