Thursday, December 16, 2004


D.C. Sucks.

Don't take my word for it-- read the Washington Post sports page.

Michael Wilbon here. Tom Boswell here.

Bottom line: two weeks to save baseball in D.C. After that, it's all over.

And I see no reason for baseball to blink. Contrary to Linda Cropp's assumptions, it is Washington, and not Major League Baseball, that is over the barrel right now.

Oh well. At least MLB says I can have my season ticket deposit back.

MLB is swimming in cash. In a perfect world, EVERY city would stick to its guns and make the owners pay for their own toys.

Bob Kraft payed for Gillette Stadium. The Commonwealth chipped in for roads and infrastructure. That should be the model.

(granted, one could make an argument that 81 home games does bring people into the City --- but that should only justify a limited $$ of public $$$)
SoN ... unforunately whether or not MLB is swimming in cas is irrelevant in this discussion. MLB and DC through Anthony Williams agreed to a specific set of terms. Not sure how aware of MLB and baseball in DC you are, but it is blatantly obvious that MLB had little interest in DC. That was until Anthony Williams used the magics words "full public financing" That was what MLB was sold on and that is what the agreed to. The deal IS bad ... I agree. But this is the deal brokered by Williams. Minor changes are workable but this change violates the terms of the agreement.

MLB operates by a different set of rules because of their anti-trust exemption. Their actions are more often than not illogical and unfair. DC had to know that. If they don't like the deal, kill it and move on. Don't do like Cropp did and deal in bad faith.
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