Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Every Rose Has It's Thorn. . .

Ace beat me to the punch dog early this morning, but so he didn't bother commenting on the story, so I'm gonna post about it too.

Excerpted from the Times Online:

MEDICAL experts have confirmed that Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine’s opposition leader, was poisoned in an attempt on his life during election campaigning, the doctor who supervised his treatment at an Austrian clinic said yesterday.

Doctors at Vienna’s exclusive Rudolfinerhaus clinic are within days of identifying the substance that left Mr Yushchenko’s face disfigured with cysts and lesions, Nikolai Korpan told The Times in a telephone interview.

Specialists in Britain, the United States and France had helped to establish that it was a biological agent, a chemical agent or, most likely, a rare poison that struck him down in the run-up to the presidential election, he said. Doctors needed to examine Mr Yushchenko again at the clinic in Vienna to confirm their diagnosis but were in no doubt that the substance was administered deliberately, he said.
A few observations:
-- I really dislike the word "cyst." It's a word that sounds exactly like what it describes.

-- Who gets poisoned anymore? I mean, honestly? This is like something out of the Medicis or Romanovs.

I can't recall the last high-profile leadership poisoning. The nearest example I can remember is the infamous ricin-poison umbrella the KGB used to off Georgi Markov.

-- I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again: the poison transformed Yushchenko from looking like the Ukrainian John Edwards into Anne "Throw Momma From The Train" Ramsey.

-- If he gains power, I'd really hate to be on Yushchenko's bad side. Getting poisoned by your political opponents is not something you tend to forget.

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