Friday, December 03, 2004


FDA Advisers Vote Against Female Sex Drug.

WASHINGTON - A hormone patch that works to restore a woman's sex drive should not win government approval until more studies are completed to determine the drug's risks, federal health advisers recommended Thursday.
Heh. I guess that leaves only *one* female sex drug available on the market.

Now, now ladies, please be patient: there's enough Dave-Love for everyone.

hehehe I love your blog. You are totally full of shit. I respect that. Plus you are actually more of a 70s/80s tv junkie than I am. Which makes me jealous. WHere were you when I was single? Our children would have been magnificent monkey fearing, tv addicted, sarcastic, cinema junkies with good teeth ( i have great teeth. 35, never a cavity.)



Dave-Love hahaha sorry. that is just damn funny. Because it makes me think about Hot Monkey Love which knowing you and your monkey issues makes me even more amused. Anyway, I am delirious with need for sleep.

have a great day, dave!

Alas Jen, when you were single, I was embroiled in a nasty palimony suit. Sheesh, just because you were Teri Copley's stunt double for three episodes of "We Got It Made" doesn't mean you're a famous actress, so why go all uppity with the "alleged stalker" bit? Some women have no sense of humor.

Wait. . . that wasn't me. Skip that. Never mind.

The genetic-hybrid pop-culture superbeing concept has merit, but trust me, I make up for my vast reptilian intellect with a body that looks grown in a vat. If you have any idea what a Guild Navigator from the David Lynch version of "Dune" looks like, picture that, only wearing a chili-stained Chicago Bears t-shirt and Chuck Taylors over the spice-addled worm-nub.

Oh, and I've got British teeth. And a cleft palate. And an eye patch. And a hook for an arm. But other than that, I look just like Harrison Ford crossed with a young Vic Tayback.

But seriously, I'm really glad you enjoy the site. Half the time (say, during the twelve even-numbered hours of the day) I feel like I'm writing this blog just for myself. Probably just to keep my multiple personalities from fighting it out in my head, Triskelion-style.

Uh-oh. I think I hear the music starting now. . . I better run before "Mad Baron Siegried" grabs the trident again.

Dave at Garfield Ridge
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